Career Watchdog

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 Career Watchdog Says:

There are many review boards out there, and some are not wholly legitimate. Sadly, bad news sells. Some factual report information and others allow anybody to say anything about anybody. is a nonprofit organization that protects small business owners and consumers from illegal and always unremovable damaging information listed on a website, chat board, or other electronic media. Many good people have lost jobs, businesses, and even marriages predicated on false information published to some dishonest websites. 

These sites are often designed to capture consumer information at the height of a discrepancy. Sadly, the consumer doesn't always realize whatever they write cannot ever be removed! Have you ever written a letter in a moment of dissatisfaction, and you were glad you never sent it the following day? 

The momentarily upset consumer says, "I was ripped off"; the business fires back, and sadly, this is what helps many of these complaint websites to become all too popular. Sought of like the smut magazines if you will... Unfortunately, many of these sites will blackmail businesses and consumers to remove the wrongful and usually anonymous web posts... Please see our Illegitimate Beware page for more info on sites to be wary of... These unscrupulous sites are capable of capturing your information and posting bad reviews about your business on their site as a means to drive traffic! Be careful about posting, visiting, or even clicking a link as once they have your info, many will use it to drive traffic to their site - See Legitimate Sites Page for sites you can trust and will get satisfaction from... 

Some of the better consumer websites are those such as the Better Business Bureau and Consumer reports... Even your local Attorney General's office is an excellent place to find info on legit vs. illegitimate businesses...

8 26 22 UPDATE - According to our research, the website is now for sale.